Your Cittrix Roof System Lifetime Warranty

The Future Of Architectural Asphalt Shingle Roofing Is Here.

Lake County finally has access to Malarkey Roofing Products! Our unique and perfected implementation of this premium roofing system allows us to ensure your roof system is masterfully installed in the highest possible standards in the industry. A roof system that is manufactured with the best available materials, solving all of Lake County’s biggest issues with it’s ever changing harsh climate. Scroll down to learn how we are able to include a Lifetime labor and Material Warranty for your home!

Every component is made to work together.

Lake County’s Cittrix Roofing will never just throw another layer on top of a failing roof system. Our proud National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) affiliation requires us to use the most advance and industry leading techniques to install your roof. The Secure Choice™ roof system by Malarkey Roofing Products® is a family of residential products to support their many shingle lines. Beginning at the roof deck, the system includes underlayments, as well as starter shingles, field shingles, and hip and ridge shingles. These products are manufactured and controlled for quality and dependability. Together, the components of the roofing system assure homeowners that their choice is a Secure Choice™, keeping your home dry and protected for Life.

residential roofing in Lake County
residential roof repair and replacement in Lake County

Welcome to the Next Generation of Architectural Asphalt Shingle

With so many options, where should you begin? At Cittrix Roofing we take the guesswork out for you. Nexgen™ is more than a fancy brand name, with Malarkey Roofing Products your home will finally get the most tested, scientifically backed roofing product on the market. This Means: Ultra flexible shingles that are rated to freezing 0 Degree installation, Class 3 Hail Impact resistance (much higher than standard insurance regulations) and 130 MPH Wind Protection. Because of that, it’s the roofing product that Cittrix Roofing will stand behind without question, for life. Not to mention, an immediate discount on your homeowners insurance!

next generation of asphalt shingle in Lake County

Eliminate Install Issues

Bang, bang, bang… On average, we put 8,000 nails on your roof! ONE wrong nail can causes future leaks or blow offs on your home. In addition to every shingle being properly nailed to your home, the shingle features a tapered shim. This unique feature helps your home remain waterproof, even in the most demanding wind-driven rain. What’s more, is the advanced material allows it to remain flexible in cold weather, removing fear of cracks, splits and faulty installation. 

nailing area

We Hate Dark Streaks. You’ll Never Have Them, Guaranteed.

If you know our history, you know we can’t stand how roofs look with dark streaks. This is algae. A roof looks worn, old and unattractive relatively quickly after install. This has greatly increased in the Lake County area and makes communities look unmaintained and sub-par even when the roof is still fully functioning. Our decision in roofing product completely eliminates this issue by using copper infused granules, properly. Other roofing products claim algae resistance, but they fall short. We’ve seen it, we’re disappointed by it. With Cittrix Roofing, you are *Guaranteed* to be streak free for the Entire Time you live in that Home. If algae streaks ever shows up, we would immediately remove them, properly, without cost, guaranteed. 

Who Installs Your Next Generation Roof?

Cittrix Roofing we use only the most skilled professional installers. You’ll never see a permit pulled by subcontractors, it will always be done by Cittrix. This allows us to have full control of our install process by Manufacture Trained installers to ensure, without question, you are getting a masterfully crafted install for your roof system. We follow all guidelines of the NRCA to ensure your roof will perform as intended from day one, for a lifetime.