3 Problems Mundelein Homeowners Have with Their Rooves

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Homeowners in Mundelein face problems with their rooves just like the rest of the country. Whether it’s wear-and-tear from weather or natural occurrences, a roof is always in jeopardy. The good news is that, with regularly scheduled maintenance and proper installation, these problems don’t have to cost you valuable time, money, and heartache down the line. Let’s look at some of the more common issues.


When the Illinois summer gets into full swing, there are a lot of problems that can plague homeowners. When the sun is beating down, it can cause splits and cracks to form after the heat expands the shingles, tiles, or lower grades of metal. This splitting can cause water to seep in or air to leak out, quickly spiraling into costly repairs or even dangerous scenarios surrounding mold in your foundation or attic.

It’s essential to have the roof thoroughly looked at by a group of professionals before and after the job is completed. There’s more to a roof than just materials. If a spotty contractor is negligent, this can escalate into a bad situation for everyone involved.

Pooled Water

There are many reasons why water may pool on a roof, and it can affect residential roofing styles just as much as commercial businesses. Depending on the style of roof you have and the materials it’s made from, water can begin to stick in the indentations in the roof itself. Even if the roof is installed correctly, storms and other weather events can allow this to happen unbeknownst to the homeowner. 

That’s why you should always make sure to have a professional team of contractors perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your roof. If too much water builds up, it can lead to mold, decay, or even structural failure if left unchecked. By installing the proper gutters and materials, these risks can be significantly decreased.

Poor Ventilation 

Ventilation problems usually come about as a result of an inexperienced or lazy contractor who installed the roof in the first place. If even the smallest details of a good roofing job are not strictly followed, it can lead to poor ventilation. The roof is not just there to divert rain, snow, and heat. It also keeps the house as air-tight as possible.

If done incorrectly, this could lead to leaks in the roof that allow air to slip out, decreasing the air quality and rising power bills. Over time, this could lead to structural damage as the inside of the house begins to affect the quality of the roofing materials from underneath. 

No matter what roofing problems you may be facing, we can help. Here at Cittrix Roofing, we make sure our clients are getting the best possible care so they can worry about what’s really important. To find out more about what we can do for you and your roofing needs, give us a call today at 847-246-4004 to receive your free estimate.

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