Historical Roofing Systems

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For a long as human beings have been around, we’ve required some sort of shelter. People needed it to protect themselves from the elements, hide from predators, and simply for a place to settle and call home. To be effective, these shelters required some sort of roofing system.

Different civilizations and nations made use of abundant materials and those which provided sufficient shade and covering. In this article, we look at some of the oldest roofing materials used, most of which are still used today.


Thatch Roofing

Thatch roofing is one of the oldest materials ever used for roofing. The material consists of dry vegetation, usually a mixture of straw, palm fronds, and water reeds.

These natural materials act as great heat insulators and create a fantastic countryside aesthetic for homes. However, these thatch roofing systems tend to be highly flammable.

While certain materials can be added to the roof deck to prevent fire from spreading to the inside of your home, the sight of seeing your roof go up in flames can be pretty traumatizing.


Stone Roofing

Stone roofing has long been a favorite of ancient civilizations. The material was abundant; they’re highly durable, long-lasting, and added a rugged texture to homes. In the past, stone roofing was mostly just cobbled-together stone placed on a solid wood deck.

The structures of the roof and house had to be strong to support the weight of the stone roofing. Today, if homeowners want a stone roof, the slate roofing option is available. Slate roofing systems last upwards of 150 years; it’s no wonder our forefathers favored them so much.


Wood Shingle Roofing

Wood has long been used as a construction material. People built houses, shelters, sanctuaries, and all sorts of odds and ends with the material, so naturally, they used the material for roofing as well. Wood is another material that is quite abundant and relatively affordable.

They are great heat insulators; they add an earthy aroma to your home and gives it a beautiful, natural aesthetic. Today wood roofing is available as cedar shakes and shingles. You can design and style them nicely according to your aesthetic preferences.

For more information on roofing materials, their history, and how you can install them on your home, give Cittrix Roofing a call today!

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