3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

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Are you getting ready to sit down with the contractors who gave you quotes for your roof replacement? If so, do you know what questions you need to ask them? It’s alright if you don’t, you’re not alone. So, what are the key questions to ask a roofing contractor? At Cittrix Roofing, we’re eager to educate on all things roofing, so here are three critical questions to ask and the answers you should be looking for.

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Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

The first thing you should ask a roofing contractor is if they’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

  • Licensed: For a contractor to get a license, all they have to do is register with the state’s board of licensing contractors. The price of the job will determine what license they’ll need.
  • Bonded: Being bonded means that a bonding company knows that a contractor does business correctly and ethically. A bond ensures that if a company goes out of business during the middle of a job or if there’s a problem with the work and they don’t fix it, then the customer can fall back on the bond company.
  • Insured: All contractors should be fully insured with general liability, workman’s comp, and a company vehicle insurance policy on all the vehicles owned and unowned.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see physical copies of each. Any roofing contractor with all three should be proud and more than happy to show you that paperwork. Be mindful, the requirements may vary based on the state you live in. Some states might not even require the contractor to have one or the other. Research your local codes and make sure the contractor you hire has all appropriate permits and paperwork.

Is Your Business Local?

When looking at contractors to hire, it’s crucial that you pick one that’s local to your area. Always ask a commercial roofing contractor where their physical office location is and make sure they have a local phone number. This ensures you know where to find them if you ever have a problem with your roof.

Be aware that some out-of-state companies come in after a big storm, undercut local roofing company prices, get the money, and move on to the next storm-hit town. These companies don’t care about local codes or if they properly install your roof.

On the other hand, a quality local roofing company will know what local installation codes to follow, the paperwork required, and everything else they’ll need to ensure your roof is correctly installed and in compliance with your state’s requirements.

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How Long Have You Been In Business?

When you invest in a roof replacement, you need to ask and look up how long they’ve been in business in your area. If you choose a newer roofing company that’s a couple of years old, chances are their prices will be a lot cheaper. The problem is they don’t know how to price jobs correctly to have retained earnings at the end of the year to get them through the winter months. That’s when a new company will shut down.

That’s not to say there aren’t good young companies in your area. However, five years from now, you want to make sure the company will still be there to take care of your roof investment. Make sure you choose a contractor that’s established and has a strong history in your area. The longer a roofing company has been in the business doesn’t make them any better, it just means that they’ll be around if there’s a problem.

Ask More Questions

Now you know the first few questions you should ask a roofing contractor. You also know the answers to look for when asking if they’re local, how long they’ve been in business, whether they are licensed, and much more. That said, your questions shouldn’t stop there! Be sure to inquire as to what their warranties are like, how they can protect your home during a project, or even about proof of their workmanship. The more questions you can answer, the clearer a picture you’ll have when choosing the right contractor for you!

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