05/24/2020: Severe Storms Sweep Across Illinois

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This past Summer, a bout of severe weather swept across Illinois causing widespread damage, power outages and flash flooding. Local Illinois communities saw heavy rains, thunderstorms, hail and powerful winds wreak havoc in neighborhoods across Illinois.


Large trees were uprooted by the severe wind and many of them ended up falling on homes, damaging many roofing systems, fencing and properties in general. The increase in debris and heavy rains caused the blocking of storm drains which resulted in flash flooding occurring across towns and cities.


Many families were forced to seek shelter in their basements as their homes were destroyed by the severe storm. Damaged roofing was the common complaint among homeowners in the Illinois area. It was also reported that in Crest Hill, the wind ripped the roof of a building clean off, leaving damage and destruction in its wake.


And if things weren’t already bad, the hail made things a lot worse. The hail fall left large dents in people’s roofs, homes as well as their vehicles. Pedestrians were forced to seek shelter to avoid being hit by the hailstorm.


Drivers stuck in traffic struggled to get home in the severe weather conditions. Many drivers reportedly broke down due to the flash flooding taking place. Some were also forced to pull over and wait for the storm to pass.


The flooding and severe winds caused power outages in many communities, leaving nearly 30 000 families stuck in the dark while cowering from the storm. Various towns and cities were also placed under thunderstorm and tornado watch.


Luckily by the time the storm had passed no tornadoes had been reported and the local city councils set out to repair the damage that was caused and restored a little normality to the area.


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