What To Do When A Tree Lands On Your Mundelein Roofing?

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Mundelein is no stranger to extreme weather swings. We have howling snows and blizzards in winter, and sweltering heat in summer. Unpredictable weather is one of the constants in the life of Mundelein residents.

High winds and thunderstorms bring down trees all the time. When you combine extreme winds with heavy rain, hail, or power outages, storms are frightening as well as expensive. But Cittrix Roofing in Mundelein has years of experience dealing with bad weather. We’re here to help you clean up and get your roof back in working order.

So, what should you do if a tree lands on your house? We’ve assembled some tips to get you through this challenging time and manage it with as little distress as possible.



If you’re home when the tree strikes, it’s best to get everyone out of the house as quickly and safely as possible. The added weight of the tree branch may cause other structural issues, and you need to make sure your family is safe.


Call 911

Fallen tree branches sometimes cause broken power lines. Call 911 for emergency services to assess whether you need your power or gas lines shut off. You don’t want to risk a fire in addition to damage from the tree, and the fire department will make sure that doesn’t happen.


Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurer will be the first financial lifeline if you need contracting work. Insurance companies help assess the damage and arrange for a payout to the contractor you hire, so a call to them needs to be one of the first steps.


Contact a Roofing Contractor

You’ll need a qualified contractor like Cittrix Roofing to fix any damage. We’ll come out and make a full inspection and provide you with an estimate of materials and labor. Most insurance companies won’t pay costs unless they get a guarantee that qualified professionals do the repairs.

You’ll want to make sure that the Mundelein roofing contractor you hire has experience with storm damage, so look for a company like Cittrix Roofing. Other contractors may be cheaper, but they’re often not as professional. And, an unseasoned contractor with no reputation to uphold has little incentive to get the job done right.


Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

Sometimes, the damage done is more than you can live with, and you may need to find someplace else to stay while workers repair your roof. Make sure your home is locked and secure, and that you remove any valuables before exiting.


If you’ve experienced storm damage like this, give Cittrix Roofing a call today!

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